Explain how manifest destiny is important to westward expansion.


Manifest Destiny is a nineteenth-century doctrine that rationalizes the expansion of the United States' borders and is the primary reason behind the country's westward expansion. Proponents of the ideology concluded that Americans were destined to expand the country from "sea to shining sea" through developing western territories.

Due to the Second Great Awakening, a Protestant religious revival, many Americans held a feverish belief that it was God's will they move west and bring his word to nonbelievers. Not all settlers heading west were in it for the divine mission, however. The expansion was profitable for many businesses. As families and individuals went westward, they needed supplies, churches, and other services.

The Manifest Destiny doctrine helped expand America's borders to the Pacific Coast. In 1848, the discovery of gold in California would help reinforce the country's belief in the ideology.

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