Explain the importance of the scientific method to the discoveries and advances in science. It's the only question that I have no answer on my homework


In order to think logically and process information and data in a scientific way, the scientific method is used by scientists to test hypotheses and share out what they have learned. By stating a problem or question and doing research on what is known, you can make an educated guess about a possible solution to your problem. This is known as stating a hypothesis. A hypothesis is a testable statement. A controlled experiment is performed to test the hypothesis. All variables are kept the same in both the experimental(tested)group and the control group, which is there for comparison, except for the independent variable. This variable is also called the manipulated variable. By testing one group and not the other with this variable, a scientist can see if her hypothesis is correct or not. A valid experiment must have a large group being tested. She will have to keep records, collect data and then analyze her data. At the end, she will come up with conclusions. Was her hypothesis correct, or not? She will share her findings with other scientists, who may proceed to test out her hypothesis. Eventually, the hypothesis may be proven correct or else another hypothesis will replace it and it too will be tested. This is how proper research is done to make advances in science.

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