Explain the significance of the issue of allowing slavery in the territories for both Northerners and Southerners.


The debate over the expansion of slavery into the territories was significant for both the northerners and the southerners. For both sides, the expansion of slavery would impact political power at the federal level. If slavery would not be allowed in the territories, when new states would enter the Union, they would then eventually become free states. This would give the free states more senators that would be against slavery. This would make it easier to adopt anti-slavery laws and policies. If slavery existed in the territories, then it would be possible for more slave states to eventually join the Union. This would give the slaves states more power in the Senate, making it easier to adopt laws and policies that would help slavery continue to exist in the United States.

Another factor that made the expansion of slavery an important issue was the impact that the expansion of slavery or lack of the expansion of slavery would have in each region. If slavery would not be allowed to exist in the territories, southern farmers would have been negatively impacted. The southern farmers wanted to grow more cotton, and the new territories provided land that was suitable for growing cotton. If the southern farmers couldn’t use slaves, then they might have lost opportunities to increase their profits. Northern businesses also wanted to expand to the new territories. If slavery was allowed in these territories, it might have been harder for these businesses to expand to these territories. This could have limited profits of these northern businesses.

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