Can someone explain the speeches of Siward, Malcolm and Macduff to help me? Act V Scene 4 SIWARD    We learn no other but the confident...


Siward is saying Macbeth has enough confidence to stay and face ('endure') a siege ('setting down') of his castle at Dunsinane.

Malcolm is saying a siege is worthwhile because Macbeth's troops are not loyal but forced to serve him (their hearts are not with him, are 'absent'), and both high and low ranks have already deserted him.

Macduff is saying do not concern ourselves now with guilt and excuses, rather get on with the fight.  It will be time for judging after the battle is won, when the outcome is known ('true' rather than just hoped for).

Siward agrees with Macduff:  do not speculate now, based only on uncertain hopes, about what they should do and who will be on their side if they win.  Get on with what will decide ('arbitrate) the matter in their favour, going into battle ('advance the war').   

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