Explain the differences in the threshold for psychological pain.  


The differing threshold for one's psychological level of pain is dependent on a variety of factors.  I think that one has to examine the background of the individual, as well as what causes the fundamental condition of psychological pain.  There are elements that cause more pain to others on a psychological level than they would to another individual.  For example, the psychological pain from social exclusion varies from person to person because of their own condition or background, or even mere perception of the experience.  Culture is another element that changes the threshold to psychological pain.  Some cultures deem different elements of worthy of feeling pain, while others do not.  For example, the experience of sexuality and the pain experienced in coming to terms with one's own sexuality causes different levels of psychological pain in conjunction with how cultural valences towards it are established.  If certain cultures stress that sexual identity is not important or need not be acknowledged, this will impact the threshold for pain differently than a culture that does the opposite.  The experience of psychological pain, then, is dependent on a variety of circumstances, conditions, and states of being that result in a difference of how this threshold is received and how it impacts the individual.

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