Explain why iron sulphide is a compound and not just a mixture of the two elements iron and sulphur. Explain why iron sulphide has different properties to a...


Iron and sulfur are both elements from the periodic table of elements.  As such, each one has its own unique set of physical and chemical properties.  Iron is a metal, while sulfur is a nonmetal.  When these two are heated together, the iron atoms combine with the sulfur atoms to make a compound known as iron sulphide.  A compound is different from elements in that it is made from the chemical union of two or more elements.  Iron sulphide is not iron or sulfur; it is a pure substance with its own set of distinguishing physical and chemical characteristics.  A mixture, on the other hand, is what you get by combining two or more elements, but not chemically combining them.  In the case of the iron and the sulfur, if you mix them and provide no heat, you simply have a mixture of iron and sulfur.  Mixtures are different from compounds in that they are easily separated.  A magnet could be used to separate the iron from the sulfur, because iron is attracted to magnets, while sulfur is not.

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