explain why using proteases and lipases makes detergents more effective it should be atleast 4  


You are talking about enzymatic detergents. Enzymes are added to detergents to increase the activity of detergents.

1. Protease can disintegrate proteinaceous compounds. So proteases can remove protein stains in clothes which can get into clothes via food.

2. Lipases can degrade fatty acid and oil stains in clothes.

3. Enzymatic detergents as a whole can increase the rate of cleaning and washing due to the higher activity of enzymes present. Therefore it would take lesser time for clear the stains.

4. Since enzymes are acting as catalysts in removing protein, fatty and oil stains, they do not get degenerated. They can perform the cleaning ability almost constantly with time. Therefore, it reduces the amount of detergent needed to be added to wash clothes. This increases the effectiveness and also reduces the cost. Therefore enzymatic detergents can replace conventional chemicals which are used in large quantities.

5. Enzymatic detergents are proven to have the ability of fabric softening unlike conventional chemicals and they will result in brighter colors in clothes.


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