Explain with examples some conflicts within the novel The Hunger Games.


The Hunger Games is full of external conflicts:

External Conflict

  • Man vs. Society-- Katniss chooses to rebel against the horror of the Games, and in doing so, chooses to rebel against Panem.  One of Katniss' early examples of rebellion against the all-controlling Capitol is to decorate her fallen friend Rue's body with flowers.  Her show of compassion both villifies and angers the Capitol.  Katniss wants "to do something, right here, right now, to shame them, to make them accountable" (236-237). 
  • Man vs. Man-- The Hunger Games pits the contestants in the districts against each other in a blood-thirsty duel for supremacy.  It is kill or be killed, and everyone is a threat.  A powerful example of this conflict is when the alliance of Careers corner Katniss in the tree, and she must use the tracker-jacker nest as a weapon. 
  • Man vs. Nature-- The arena for the Hunger Games is full of deadly traps.  The tracker jacker nest that Katniss uses to kill the Careers is a perfect example of this, but the Gamemakers also use fire and a lack of water to drive the contestants toward each other.  Much of Katniss' suffering during the game is due to natural elements: heat, dehydration, cold, hunger.


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