Give an explanation of learning as a self-regulated process that builds on learners’ existing knowledge, in which learners are active participants...


Consider the process of learning how to ride a bicycle.

In the beginning, a learner becomes familiar with the sensation of balancing on the seat, using the handlebars to steer the bike, learning how to apply the brakes and the amount of pressure needed to enable to bicycle to respond to the brakes smoothly. In all of this initial learning, a mentor is quite possibly standing by to provide stabilization and additional reassurance or instruction as needed, but the rider-learner is very actively involved and participating in the process.

As the learner gains experience, confidence, and familiarity with the biking process, the mentor can step back and allow the learner to attempt to start, continue riding, and stop without balance assistance. The rider-learner adds to the knowledge and experience basis already acquired while practicing these skills independently.

With further experience, the learner incorporates use of different speeds and gears to further refine technique and efficiency. The bicyclist may also choose to add knowledge of conditioning to allow for long-distance or racing-speed bicycling.

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