Explore how a hero is presented in Great Expectations by Charles Dickens and Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. Please talk about the heroic...


This may be a bit out of the ordinary, but I actually find Juliet to the most heroic characterin Romeo and Juliet. It is Juliet who actually stands strong in the face of the most difficult adversity.

  1. When Romeo is banished, it is Juliet who must remain behind and try to keep things together in secret.
  2. She has to face the ire of her parents, particularly the fury of her father, as she refuses to marry Paris.
  3. She has to withstand the pressure of leading a double life, pretending to mourn Tybalt when she is really missing Romeo.
  4. She has to put her faith in a plan that involves taking a drug that will make her appear dead, knowing that she will wake up in a tomb.

Juliet follows through unstintingly, under conditions that anyone else would find intolerable.

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