Multiculturalism in American Literature Comment on Multiculturalism in American Literature.


I think that the last two decades has seen a significant change in how multiculturalism in American literature has presented itself.  From the "melting pot" notion of American identity, the demand of representation and representative voices in the literature genre has altered American Literature.  There is a greater emphasis on ensuring that literature is representative of different narratives and voices.  American Literature has become more driven with ensuring that the crisis of representation is averted.  On one hand, this has made American Literature more representative of what American identity has to offer.  The argument here is that America is a multicultural nation, and the literature shoudl reflect that.  The flip side to this is that some feel that the multicultural nature or emphasis on diversity has led to a fragmentation to a certain extent.  This fragmentation has denied uniformity and singularity, with divergence as a result.  On a more theoretical level, some argue that the singular effort to present multicultural identity in American Literature has actually created a situation where the is no diversity in the canon, for everything has been reduced to multicultural identity.  If this is the sole driving force behind literature, how can there be a diverse feel to the canon?  This is where American Literature's relationship with multiculturalism is right now.

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