MUSIC-Do you think music is important in life? To me,yes. I'm a kind of person who is not that much into study matters.I am not so fond of music and listening to whatever songs i get. But I do think...


They say that reading music or the ability to play an instrument is one of the few (perhaps the only) persuit that actively engages nearly all of the brain simultaneously. There is also a part of the brain that is only activated and utilized by the reading of music and playing an instrument.

Certainly music is an integral key to high order intellectual thinking.  It has been used as therapy, as a means to actively engage students with various mental and physical disabilities, and even for some, a method of communication.

Music is not something I would ever force upon my own children, but it is something I truly hope they are interested in because I think it will make them more well rounded in every other area of intellectual and social skills.

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