In Pride and Prejudice, is Mr Darcy a really proud person? Is he truly a proud person? Because he is kind to his friends, tenants and housekeeper, but he also proud and mean to Elizabeth in the...


Mr. Darcy struggles with pride throughout the novel. To say that he is a proud person overall is difficult. Such a statement needs qualifiers. Mr. Darcy begins the novel as a characteristically proud person, but changes throughout the novel. As he grows closer to Elizabeth, he puts effort into controlling his pride. For example, there is an extreme difference between his appearance at the dance in the beginning of the novel and his reception of Elizabeth and her aunt and uncle later on in the book. At the beginning, he is judgmental and snobby. He believes himself superior to the people around him, and therefore makes no effort to befriend or even engage them. However, as his feelings for Elizabeth grow, so does his ability to repress his pride. Darcy reveals to Elizabeth that he was brought up to think himself superior. His family's wealth and status brought this trait. As for his behavior with his friends, since they are of somewhat equal standing in society, his attitude towards them is not as harsh. Still, his manipulation of Mr. Bingley to break his communication with Jane shows a prideful spirit in regards to his friends. By the end of the novel, though, Darcy seems to have overcome his pride (a slow process) and is able to marry Elizabeth and accept her relations.

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