music in public schools With the research showing a direct lik between music in our schools and success in other classes, why do so many schools see it as the first course to cut, remove, or dimish...


I teach in the public school system but send my children to a Classical Christian school. My children don't have a Wii or gaming system of any kind, they have few toys. They do have many books, art supplies and take music lessons. Their school holds even parents accountable to keep children in musical and artistic experiences because of the rich expression it provides.

I believe until we have a parent body who cares like teachers do about children having these cultural experiences, music and art will continue to encounter cuts. Why do these cuts occur? Not enough people see the value because they do not have the value. That is a society who has gone apathetic.

How do we fix it? At the local level first, these programs must encounter parent support at board meetings. Sometimes that is going to take music teachers sounding the alarm and getting the right passionate parents there.

My son has sat at the piano many times and cried his eyes out for dread of having to practice or not getting a piece right. But, when he does overcome his battle, when he hears himself create crafty melodious tunes that impress his friends or fill his own soul, he finds great satisfaction and pride in the excellence he chose to pursue. We teachers can't go into homes and make that happen, but if we are parents too, we can instill that value in our own children.

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