I must write a 5 paragraph essay comparing Lord of the Flies to Julius Caesar, with a two point explanation for the three body paragraph. I have chosen Power- Manipulative (Jack and Cassius)...


If you have a two-point explanation, it seems that your thesis should contain only two opinions, with one opinion requiring two paragraphs for support/explanantion.  With this in mind, you may wish to use the first two points that you have mentioned.

So, your thesis could, perhaps, emphasize the struggle for power in both Shakespeare's Julius Caesar and Golding's Lord of the Flies.  In Julius Caesar the assumption of power comes out of the envy of Cassius and nobler ideals of Brutus in comparison to the envy of Jack and the nobler ideals of Piggy who influences Ralph in Lord of the Flies

For support of the envy of Cassius, you can seek the passages that provide examples of how he manipulates Brutus in Act I, scene 2, describing Caesar as a Colossus that stands over them as a tyrant and the story of how Caesar enjoyed being crowned by Marc Antony.  In this envy, Cassius is manipulative as he convinces Brutus that Caesar desires too much power, even forging letters from the Senate that he has sent to Brutus.

Likewise, for supporting details on Jack, you will look in the first chapter as there are early indications of Jack's desire for power and envy of Ralph:

"I ought to be chief," said jack with simple arrogance, "because I'm chapter chorister and head boy.  I can sing C sharp."

...."Let's vote--"

This toy of voting was almost as pleasing as the conch.  Jack started to protest but the clamor changed from the general wish for a chief to an election by acclaim of Ralph himself.  None of the boys could have found good reason for this; what intelligence had been shown was traceable to Piggy while the most obvious leader was Jack.  But there was a stillness about Ralph as he sat that marked him out:  there was his size, and attractive appearance....

In preparation, return to the texts and search for sound supporting details that will explain and prove the points you are going to make.  Good luck!


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