What role does Friar Lawrence have in Romeo and Juliet, and why are the two considered "star-crossed lovers"? Justify the title Mine Boy with at least 20 answers. Describe the themes of Mine Boy....


I don't know about Mine Boy, but Friar Lawrence does a lot to push the plot forward in Romeo and Juliet.  He is the reason they get married in the first place.  He agrees to marry them as he sees this as a way to end the feud between their two powerful families.  Later, when everything is going awry, he agrees to help Juliet appear "dead" so she can escape a second marriage to Paris and slip quietly into paradise with Romeo at her side.  The two are considered "star-crossed" because it is written in the stars that the odds are stacked against them from the beginning.  They fall in love with each other without knowing they are members of warring families.  The marry without their families' knowledge or consent.  Juliet's public marriage is arranged for her, and she fakes her own death to avoid it.  Through miscommunication and a series of unfortunate events, Romeo hears that she really is dead.  So, he buys poison to kill himself rather than live without her.  When she awakes and finds Romeo dead, she kills herself, and then the families must face the truth of what their feud has cost them.


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