My Antoniaromanticizes the immigration experience in so many ways--the success stories of some of the immigrants, for example--but also presents the rather harsh accounts of the mud caves, the...


I agree that she doesn't challenge the myth at all.  But I do think part of her purpose is trying striking that delicate balance btwn maintaining one's cultural identity and assimiliation into American life. 

Also have several suggestions for visual arguments for your class re: immigration.  There is a new show premiring this week, I belive, that I've heard wondeful clips and analyses of on NPR.  It's called "Aliens in America," about a Middle Eastern family that moves to the States and all the stereotypes and ignorance they encounter.  And it's a comedy.  The clips I heard were very funny.

Also, you might sample a few minutes from the wonderful documentary, "A Day Without a Mexican" which really challenges what we "think we know." 

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