My English Teacher "Imagination is more important than knowledge," my English teacher says.  He doesn't say why; he just believes it. Do you agree or disagree and why?


Both are important, but either can be called on to solve problems and to exist in the world.  For example, I used to sponsor a group which competed in Creative Problem Solving activities.  The problems required knowledge, but the group lost points if they didn't solve the problem in a creative, out-of-box way.  The program was brought to fruition as a way to get kids to think creatively and with much imagination about the problems we face as a state, nation, and world community.  Of course, this program was fail-safe and imagination in children is usually not limited.  When the adults of the world face the issues of world hunger, peace, terrorism, etc.  they rely more on knowledge than is no longer fail-safe, and there are very real consequences if a plan does not succeed.

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