My English teacher is offering extra credit to read 1984 by George Orwell.  I was wondering if it was worth reading? Is it worth reading?


I agree witih #7.  Recently, Glenn Beck asked a renowned journalist if we are living in not "1984", but "Brave New World."  The journalist affirmed that we are in "Brave New World" and have surpassed much of "1984." At any rate, allusions are frequently made to these two novels.

In "1984" the main character writes in his diary and is guilty of "thought crime."  How often do people look over their shoulders before speaking or whisper their thoughts lest someone overhear them and report them for being politically incorrect or subversive, etc.?  How close are we, then, to "1984's" "thought crime"?  Certainly, The Patriot Act gave echoes of totalitarian government.  Afterall, a Western European totalitarian government passed some security messages for the same reasons that Bush's Administration gave:  "To make the people safe." 

If you read this book and pay attention to history and current events, you will find additional parallels.

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