My grandson tested out of special ed last year.  Can he be retested? He is failing


Generally, your son is not likely to be tested again by the school.  You can take him to your own psychologist to have him tested.  If the school will not give him an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) you might be about to get him accomodations through a 504 plan.

Your son may be elligible for other services besides Special Education.  There are many types of services available, depending on grade level and state.  While it is not possible to give you a specific answer, keep in mind that there are many reasons a child is removed from Special Education.  During testing, there has to be a discrepancy between the scores on tests and what intelligence tests hace determined is your son's natural ability.  If he is already working above his ability, according to those tests, he may not qualify for services.


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