My high school theater group is working on "The Pajama Games" for our musical, any one have ideas that would help? I am the stage manager for my high schools production of "The Pajama Games" but i am...


Congratulations on getting involved in your school theater group!  I am not that familiar with "The Pajama Game", but I do know that the music is very jazzy, so you're probably going to want to choreograph the musical numbers with some upbeat, jazzy swing moves.  As for make-up, it's hard for me to tell you anything specific because I'd have to know the director's vision.  Obviously you want to work with heavy duty make-up that will show up.  When I was involved in theater, the first day of practice was a read-through.  We sat in a circle and got familiar with our roles and lines.  After that, we broke the play up into acts.  If the acts were too large, we'd work on several scenes for the next few days until we had gone through the entire play.  These practices were where we blocked the play--meaning we decided where we'd stand, what gestures we would make, etc. for each line of the play.  Make sure you never block an actor so that he or she is facing away from the audience!  After that, we'd start memorizing lines.  A musical is a bit harder because you also have to work in vocal practices.  Quite often, we did this during study halls, chorus, and lunch.  The leads will probably have to stay later in order to work on both acting and singing.  As far as fundraising went, we sold ads that were included in our playbills.  Our group would go out into the community and ask if the companies and businesses would buy an ad.  The fees depended on the size of the ad they wanted to purchase.  We also sold candy (we'd buy it from a bulk store...not sure where you are, but we used Sam's Club) and then sell it before the performances and during intermission.  Anyway, break a leg!  I'm sure it'll be great!

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