What is Your favorite food from England, and by what recipe to cook it?

What is Your favorite food from England, and by what recipe to cook it?
Traditional English cuisine is quite simple, filled with fatty and high-calorie dishes, is hard to digest and in addition just boring in relation to seasoning. A rare exception - meat dishes of lamb with mint sauce. PV market. I prefer aziatskoi, German, Italian and French cuisines. edinstvennoe that I cook, especially during the summer, that crumble - baking-dessert with fruit and cereal. nYou can use any fruit and berries. TL usually make rhubarb and strawberry. precept very simple. hearths of the options makes 4 servings. preven - 2 stalks, peel and cut into cubes. Klubnika fresh - 8 medium berries, 4 dice, the other 4 use as a decor Paka - 50 g ovsyanye flakes - 100 g Maslo butter - 100 g Sahar small or powdered sugar - 50 g + 1 tbsp/l (for decoration) panel content from one vanilla pod or 1 h/l of vanillin/3-4 drops of liquid razryhlitel - 1/2 h/l prigotovlenie. NIN a portion of the ceramic molds (they can coat the inside with oil, if desired) to put the mixture of chopped rhubarb and strawberries (1/2 of the stem and 1 strawberry). rasteret sugar with butter and vanilla. dobavit to the butter-sugar mixture the flour and cereal and mix. The dough will not be smooth, it is not necessary, we need oil chips. Divide this mixture into 4 molds, not to kill! PECI in a preheated 200 degree oven for about 25-30 minutes. podavati hot, sprinkled with powdered sugar through a sieve with a cut strawberry, mint leaves. non this picture, crumble I was served with pistachio ice cream, his balls visible chopped pistachios. The strawberry added strawberry sprig of mint.
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