What are the options for cleaning Parking lots (on the lawns) if Parking in common?

What are the options for cleaning Parking lots (on the lawns) if Parking in common?
You see, the lawn in the first place and done in order to protect the local area from car traffic and Parking. voobshe, if I remember correctly, SNiP Parking shall not be closer than 10 metres from the Windows of a house, and if the Parking is more than 10 cars, it is closer than 15 meters. poetomu no one will give You the permission to Parking equipment on the site of the lawn. Your convenience, is the desire to Park your car as close as possible to the entrance doors, is in conflict with the interests of the residents of the house on the need for clean air free of car exhaust fumes. voobshe, judging by the pictures You have Parking very near the house, I do not see any problems, is it really so hard to walk to the entrance a few tens of meters and bring a couple of bags of food. pcto for cleaning the area You are using under the Parking lot, then you need to negotiate with the owners of other vehicles. Do not argue, come to a common decision will not be easy, but possible. It is possible to jointly hire a special equipment to clear the Parking lot, or to the management company dealt with this issue, it is clear that for an additional fee. None of You think of anything and something will not do. pcto for a comfortable life, each person has their own concept of comfort. If You have one of the conditions for a comfortable life is the condition of car Parking close to the front door of the house, the living conditions in an apartment building You never get. TL, too, often have difficulty in Parking the car near the house, you have to put the car 50-100 meters from the entrance, and with it, alas nothing to do. n n n n n n n\r\pastor question chose this answer best
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