Where are the people freeloaders?

Potential free-riders is in every man. nThis natural state, inherited from the animal world in which animals, if possible, to cherish every calorie that allows them to limit yourself to food, less to loom in front of predators and competitors, as well as through hard times of famine, not to squander the reserves. NIN human terms it means less work, more rest.\r but the human brain, the seeker, the inquisitive, comes into conflict with the instinct which causes the animal to find a warm and safe place and to move less. potomu for a person that is: less work - more fun. osobenno given that about saving calories to think is not necessary. PA rest have all, even workaholics. Ptak and turns, depending on the education that a person grows up as a workaholic who like and want to do business, usually, important to him for some reason; an ordinary man who has everything balanced; the lazy, who has an aversion to systematic labor, but happy, experiencing a variety of entertainment. PA to educate the child can be anyone. Ptak that all the problems in education, bad example, when the surface of instincts. n n n n n n n\r\pastor question chose this answer best
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