Why stroke provokes rakovi cells?

This judgment is totally wrong. The brain is one of the typical place metastasis of gastric cancer. Manifest such metastases, the same Central symptoms as a stroke. If the patient with the clinic of a stroke is a serious condition, it would be illogical for him to do the fibrogastroscopy. And stomach cancer can occur without symptoms. With a small amount of a cancerous tumor is able to metastasize, it will already be the fourth stage. And, here, when a patient with focal stroke symptoms saved, then there is a reason to doobsledovanie. Here and find the primary site of cancer. Then arranged the consultations, the metastasis is to the brain, or stroke. Win metastases. While arguing, stomach cancer becomes specific. And now, after this, the questions arise which of the physicians missed the cancer of the stomach. Matter to write in the card for the past year. Did not pay attention to the therapist, not mean a significant drop in haemoglobin from 140 to 115, or rise in ESR 5 mm/hour 15 mm/hour, I would be guilty of not doing careful obsledovanie. n n n n n n n\r\pastor question chose this answer best
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